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Graphite and Digital, 2013

by Gel Relova

Artwork done for the June 16 issue Ang I.n.K corner.
Btw, the bird in this illustration is a our very own maya. 

Exam Week! by Gel Relova for Manila Bulletin’s Inkie corner


by: Gel Relova

this old illustration is dedicated to my two legged dachshund, Fred! ♥♥♥

Tale as Old as Time
digital media & blue pencil

Here’s one of my old pieces that I did before I joined I.n.K.; it’s my own take of the fairy tale classic Beauty and the Beast. I imagined beast as a gentle person trapped in a body of one of the most feared felines in the animal kingdom, which goes to show that sometimes, appearance can truly be deceiving.

Gel Relova
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Think Tank
January 2013: Cats