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Big Dog
gouache on watercolor paper

Frances Alvarez


by: Gel Relova

this old illustration is dedicated to my two legged dachshund, Fred! ♥♥♥

by: Maurice Risulmi

by: Maurice Risulmi

Watch out for flying dogs!

by: Pergy Acuna

by: Pergy Acuna

by: Angela Taguiang

Husk, 2006, rubbercut print, 1 of  7

by:  Benedict Reyna

Cerbe bore one of the three heads of Cerberus who was punished because he dreamed to be an angel rather than fulfill his never ending bond of securing the wellness of hell. Hades cursed separate Cerbe to the 2 heads and give him a big head and hellish body so that if he changes his mind he’ll remember to come back on his Home sweet burning home. Determined to be an Angel dog, He made his own crooked halo hoping he could sneak out from the gates of heaven and start a holy life.

By: Kris Peralta


paper cut out

 Apso Seng Kyi

Referred to in Tibet as Apso Seng Kyi, which can be translated as “Bearded Lion Dog”, the Lhasa Apso were raised by Tibetan Buddhist monks and nobility as sentinels to their monasteries and household. It is called a “Lion Dog” because of its resemblance to The Snow Lion, a mythological animal that embodied fearlessness, unconditional cheerfulness, joy and bliss. The Snow Lion is Buddha’s protector; a vessel for the Dalai Lama’s soul; its milk can restore harmony and health; its roar can cause dragons to fall from the sky; its leap is as wide as mountains peak to peak. Though really, how can such an adorable cute little dog be all this?