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by Galera Fernandez
Pen and ink

Luis Chua

Charlene Villamor
Mushroom, Mushroom Chemerloo
instagram: @chachatherobot
Contortions 1
7.5in x 7.5in
Pencil on Paper
Joza Myrene Nada

The Wooden Scooter Race of Banaue

JC Galag

Commissioned 12x12 inches b&w acrylic for a huge Star Wars fan

by Paulo Correa

by Pergy Acuna

Title: Pizza, Cats and Ice Cream
Medium: India ink on paper
Artist: Bru Sim Nada

Inspired by just concluded Ang Ink meeting, jokes, pizza, cats and ice cream.

Field Giants

Urban giants in the rural landscape, these power distribution units are like robots in the grass fields sending electricity to the rural areas. 
Annie Pacaña-Lumbao